KARREN Base consists of the KARREN infrastructure and data base services including the following capabilities:

  • Information Core - Application Server / Database Server

  • Embedded Connectors - Web Based UI / Constraint Solver / Excel

  • Connector Wizard - Simple file based Connector Tool

  • Content Definition - ICEs / Collaborations / Application Usage

KARREN Base is sold in two configurations for Administrators & Users

  • KARREN Administrator is an "activity" based license providing Administrator privileges to one user on one or more servers. At least one KARREN Administrator license is required for each “activity” that KARREN is licensed for.

  • KARREN User is a named user or floating license that enables a specific user to run KARREN on any system that a KARREN User is licensed on.Project Manager and/or Collaboration Manger rights can be assigned to a User by the Administrator.

KARREN Connectors are used to link KARREN to 3rd party commercial products. In addition to those licensed as part of KARREN Base, DPS will deliver an increasing set of optional KARREN Extended Connectors. KARREN Extended Connectors are planned for multiple application domains including CAD, CAE/CFD, PLM, Systems, and DSE. Contact Digital Product Solutions to learn more about currently available and planned KARREN Connectors.


KARREN Connectors manage transfer of parameter information and values for the appropriate ICE to/from the application being run. The implementation of the KARREN Connectors may include "plug-ins" for the connected application.  


KARREN Connector Toolkit is an API based Connector Toolkit to build custom KARREN Connectors. These custom Connectors can then be used by any user who has access to a valid KARREN User license or Administrator License (coming soon).


KARREN PDK (Partner Development Kit) will enable 3rd party software vendors and systems integrators to build additional KARREN Connectors for applications not supported via KARREN Extended Connectors by DPS. The KARREN PDK will allow 3rd parties to distribute KARREN Connectors to existing KARREN licensees. The KARREN PDK will bundle KARREN Base + KARREN Connector Toolkit to provide the development partner with the tools necessary to develop and deliver KARREN Connectors.




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