The unique tool

for collaborative design

of complex systems

Bridge silos to improve your designs


Reduce Time to Market

  • Speed up engineering decisions

  • Get rid of inefficient tasks

Increase Product Value

  • Improve product quality

  • Avoid design mistakes


Embrace Complexity

  • Promote innovation

  • Collaborate efficiently

Smooth Integration

  • Empower your methods and tools

  • Keep your working environment

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Organize & Involve your Product Design Team

Set common goals, involve all relevant disciplines, share responsibilities within the team, keep informed of the latest news impacting your work and simply navigate across all your projects.

Embrace all aspects of your System’s Development

Cascade and challenge requirements, select product components, make technological choices and connect to relevant modelling and simulation tools to assess your assumptions.

KARREN Connection map
KARREN Viewpoint

Make quick and efficient multi-disciplinary Trade-offs

Share ideas, evaluate the global behavior of the system (performances, value, risks), get feedback from all stakeholders, manage conflicts and converge together towards common solutions.

Make informed Decision & Optimize your Products

Explore the design space to find alternatives, assess the business value delivered, compare variants and search optimal solution, rely on up-to-date information and analysis tools to make decisions.

KARREN Dashboard

Integrate with the tools you already use

Connect your essential modelling and simulation tools to KARREN and make it you project control center. Catia, Dymola, Matlab, iSight, Excel and many more.

Upcoming events


25 & 30 Juin, 2020

Webinar KARREN : Solution de Data Intelligence pour l'Ingénierie Collaborative

Participez gratuitement à notre webinar de présentation de la solution logicielle Karren et apprenez tout ce qu'il faut savoir​ dessus !


Octobre 15th-16th, 2020

International Conference on CAE Interoperability

Paper presentation: Data Exchange and Software Interoperability Based on MOSSEC Standard. Application to a Cabin Aircraft Architecture Process.


Novembre 25th- 26th, 2020

Conférence Régionale NAFEMS France 2020

Paper presentation: Connected Engineering for more Valuable Products. A Pilot Case on an Aerospace Actuator with KARREN.

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