What KARREN does for you



Organize & Include
your Product Design Team

Set common goals, include all relevant disciplines, share responsibilities within the team, inform of the latest changes and simply navigate across all your projects.

Connection Map

Embrace all aspects of

your System Development

Cascade and challenge requirements, specify product components,  make technical choices and connect to relevant modelling and simulation tools to assess your assumptions, assess costs for every configuration.




Make quick and efficient 

Trade-off between disciplines

Share ideas, evaluate the global behavior of the system (performances, value, costs, risks), get feedback from all stakeholders, manage conflicts and converge together towards common solutions.


Make informed Decision and Optimize your Products

Explore the design space to find alternatives, assess the business value delivered, compare variants and search optimal solution, rely on up-to-date information and analysis tools to make decisions.


Whish to know more ?

DPS KARREN Collaborative engineering

Agile Process & Smooth integration

Integration with the tools you already use

KARREN connectors - Matlab CATIA Excel Abaqus

Connect your modelling and simulation tools with KARREN 

and make KARREN your project control center.