KARREN (Knowledge Acquisition and Reuse for Robust ENgineering) is the result of many years of experience at Digital Product Simulation developing methods and tools for collaborative engineering, simulation, systems engineering as well as knowledge management for models with multiple representations. These efforts showed one significant common problem that large development organizations are facing: nconsistencies related to exchange of parameters for different engineering disciplines that result in simulations using wrong or outdated parameters as well as broadly varying approaches instead of systematic best-practice re-use. Significant cost and time savings, especially for the development of mplex systems, require consistent use of best practices and consistent application of the right parameters. KARREN now offers this critical capability.





















KARREN complements all Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), Design Space Exploration (DSE) and Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) technologies by providing the ability to capture and re-use engineering knowledge about behavior and by enabling collaborations which combine these different areas into a cohesive, coordinated Simulation-Driven Design project. KARREN further augments Design Space Exploration by providing access to behavior related knowledge across multiple ''workflows" within the DSE application and across multiple other applications (DSE or others). KARREN is designed for use across both the design and the simulation communities resulting in a more efficient overall development processes ensuring best practices while enabling comparable results, significantly reduced re-work and dependable connections between systems and component behavior studies. Parameters are only defined once; usage by specific tasks are automatically handled by best practice rules ensuring that correct parameters are always applied.


KARREN further enables reliable control of "trade-off' decisions guaranteeing consistent usage of permitted design ranges for all parameters independent of the number of tools involved in a design study.  For each task, variations are allowed within valid value ranges. The valid ranges of parameters can be refined as high level 'trade-off decisions are made and the design evolves. KARREN provides valid and consistent information at each stage while enabling local ''what-if” investigations. Knowledge capture and re-use is applied with multiple managed instances enabling each simulation (behavior activity) to explore parameters locally, e.g. for reconciliation of local optima.


KARREN not only complements existing engineering software tools, by empowering them with knowledge it makes them more efficient and thereby increases the return on investments for already existing tools. As KARREN stores knowledge independent of applications, that knowledge is also available to empower new applications added at any time in the future.


In summary, KARREN enables reliable understanding of complex multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional behavioral results. Key to this is consistent use of required parameters for a variety of applications and disciplines, ensured by best practice rules which automatically adjust the proper values for various tasks. KARREN thereby improves collaboration across multiple disciplines and multiple organizations serving its purpose: The right information at the right time for the right person.



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