KARREN is a server/web based solution containing the following main building blocks:

  • Information Core Entities (ICE) – Containers for parameter and rule definitions

  • Information Core - KARREN Database Server

  • Connectors – Interfaces linking KARREN with specific software tools



ICEs contain the collaboration data, parameters and rules, aka behavior knowledge,

which will be used across multiple disciplines and organizations. They are stored in

the KARREN database independent from applications or projects.


Information Core

The core information database is composed of an organization’s

collection of generic ICEs, grouped as they make sense for intended

usage. Domain experts can add, edit or delete ICEs as the behavior

knowledge of an organization evolves.


A meaningful subset of the available ICEs can be made available for

specific projects, possibly adapted according to varying project

requirements.  Projects usually consist of several Collaborations (tasks)

involving multiple disciplines and engineering tools plus the appropriate ICEs

for every Collaboration.  In each Collaboration users work with multiple

applications (CAD, CAE, CAX tools) linked to KARREN by Connectors and

assisted by relevant ICEs.



KARREN Connectors are used to link KARREN to 3rd party applications and manage transfer of parameter information and values for the appropriate ICE to/from the application being run.



Four different roles exist in KARREN.

  1. Manages the KARREN installation and roles

  2. Project Manager
    Defines and manages one or more Projects which include one or more Collaborations.

  3. Collaboration Manager
    Defines and manages one or more Collaborations with a specific "Knowledge Configuration” including all of the ICEs that are available for “Application Usages” within this collaboration. The Collaboration Manager can also monitor the status of the ICE in each "Usage Configuration" to manage "trade-off' studies and decisions.

  4. User
    Defines and works with Application Usages including applicable ICEs for their context. They also connect their 'Usage Configurations” to required applications via a KARREN Connector for each application. KARREN Connectors have the function of communicating the information contained in each ICE to/from the engineering software applications such as Design, Simulation, and Systems Engineering tools.



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